Causes of Infertility in Men

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Statistics says that around twenty percent couples face infertility problems. Out of these cases, nearly one-third cases are contributed by male partners. Still, it is less focused aspect comparatively. Since infertility has been linked to women always, male infertility problems don’t get exposed much. With the advancement of medical diagnostics change of mindset, men infertility cases get exposed.

What causes male infertility?

There are several reasons that cause infertility in men. From physical disorders to hormonal imbalance and psychological issues to lifestyle factors; you have a long list of reasons. Sometimes the problem is recoverable but sometimes not. For example, the testicular damage is irrecoverable whereas low production or quality of sperm can be effectively restored.

Lifestyle problems

Fertility is a resultant factor of the overall health. Incorrect lifestyle may cause unhealthy sperms causing infertility. Modern lifestyle hazards affect male fertility levels very badly.

1. Excessive smoking and alcohol abuse or drug addiction

2. Use of anabolic steroids, especially adrenal steroid hormones

3. Deficiency of Vitamin C and Zinc

4. Prolonged exposure to petrochemicals, radioactive substances, mercury, etc.

5. Anemia or malnutrition

Hormonal Problems

In a few cases, hormonal disorders may also cause the problem. Hypothalamus-pituitary endocrine system triggers hormonal secretions for effective dissemination of sperms. When the hormonal sequence gets disturbed, they may cause male infertility.

1. Hyperprolactinemia (Elevated levels of Prolactin): This hormone causes milk secretion in nursing mothers. It also contributes to 10 to 40 percent cases of male infertility by causing a reduction in sperms and male sexuality.

2. Hypothyroidism: When thyroid levels are low, they cause poor quality of semen, reduced libido and degraded function of testicles.

3. Panhypopituitarism: It occurs when the pituitary gland doesn’t function with the full efficiency which results in low levels of growth hormones, thyroid-stimulating hormones, LH levels and FSH levels.

Physical Problems

Interference with the process of sperm production or disruption in the pathway where sperms travel causes infertility in men. Here are a few reasons:

1. Varicocele: When spermatic enlarge, they become hostile for the development of sperms. In this condition, the one-way valves in spermatic veins cause blood to flow from the abdomen to the scrotum.

2. Damaged sperm ducts: In this case, sperms can’t travel from testicles to the penis. The genetic disorder (by birth defect) is the most common reason. Sexually transmitted diseases or accidental vasectomy can be another reason.

3. Torsion: When the testes twist inside the scrotum and shut the blood vessels, it causes permanent blockage in the path.

4. Retrograde ejaculation: It happens when the bladder sphincter that acts as a valve doesn’t work at the time of ejaculation. Thus, semen gets ejaculated in the bladder through the urethra. Around 2 percent men are affected by this problem.

Psychological causes

Male infertility and psychology are deeply related. Here are a few examples:

 1. Erectile dysfunction (ED): Popularly known as impotence, it is a physiological problem and not psychological. Low self-confidence, anxiety, guilt conscious and frustration may cause temporary or permanent ED. Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stress or trauma can also cause it. Medicines may also have side-effects that cause ED.

 2. Ejaculatory incompetence: It is a behavioral aspect when a man can’t ejaculate in the vagina during the normal intercourse.

 3. Premature ejaculation: It is the disability of controlling ejaculatory response up to half a minute of penetration.  It becomes an infertility problem when a person ejaculates before insertion.

Male infertility is quite complex and challenging. Even if the spectrum is limited, diagnosis and root-cause-analysis take a long time. Doctors follow a comprehensive approach by using medicines, lifestyle changes, balancing of hormones and psychological treatment to achieve success. When it is not possible to overcome the problem, laboratory assisted methods are used.

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