5 Steps to Impress Your Girl in Bed

by / Thursday, 31 December 2015 / Published in Latest posts

Confused why your girl isn’t as enthusiastic about your antics in bed as you are? Many men face a similar challenge; they have no clue when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. And the more they research about it, the more baffled they get. Remember, sometimes, keeping it simple is the best thing to do.

Here’s what you need to focus on if you wish to impress your girl in bed.

Step 1: Take your time. Don’t do it because you have to; instead, take your time to know each other, spend time, understand your interests and dislikes. The more you keep it off, the more the sexual tension builds up, and the better the experience will be.

If you are already in a relationship, focus on the intimacy factor. Steam up your sexual life with apprehension. It will add to the effect you create in bed. Moreover, in such a situation, you have a good idea about what she loves and what she doesn’t, which will come in handy.

Step 2: Make her feel desired. She is a much better judge when it comes to understanding. She will realize when you have intense feelings for her. Even if she is good at understanding you, being expressive doesn’t hurt.

Gift her sexy lingerie; it will make her feel good about her body. It will also show her that you appreciate her body. Talk to her about your wildest sexual fantasies; whisper into her ears what you want to do; identify what she loves to listen to, and focus on it.

Step 3: Understand her signs. Lovemaking is a conversation between two bodies. If you fail to recognize and respond to what her body is telling you, you are sure to fail at creating the right impression for your girl in bed.

Pay attention to her too; it’s not all about you. Try to differentiate between her pleasurable reactions and her painful groans. When you are aware of what feels good to her, you can double it, and avoid what makes her feel bad, and you’ll be the star in the relationship.

Step 4: Don’t play by the rules. A locked room, a nightlight, a naked body – do you have a formula? If yes, you need to let it go now! Having a rulebook of lovemaking is super boring, and it can never ever impress a girl in bed, especially as you tend to go in a rut.

Use your imagination and creativity to make the lovemaking experience interesting. You need not stick to the bedroom, any other surface is good, and when you start to caress and kiss her anywhere, anytime, it expresses your eagerness to make love.

Step 5: Master the art of sex tease. Texts that tell her of what you want to do when you two are together, a sensual massage that helps her feel relaxed, a little chase around the house – little bits of sex tease are great to initiate arousal.

Many men think it difficult to tease their girl, it isn’t as big a challenge as it seems. With practice, you can tease her into a state of excitement, something that is sure to reflect when you two make love, and which will translate into a great impression.

While you are at it, keep in mind, practice is what makes you perfect.

When you wish to impress your girl in bed, it is important to understand that it is more in the mind than in the body. When you can stimulate her psychologically, it becomes easier to stimulate her physically. Tell her what arouses you, and see how it affects her. Also, ask for feedback; women are more communicative about it and feel better when you are too.

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