Reasons for Loss of Libido in Men

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You must have heard the term Libido quite often. Yes, it is amongst the most commonly occurring sex disorders amongst men.

In normal term, libido means loss of interest in sexual activities. Intermittent phases of low libido could be ignored but low libido for a longer period is a matter of concern about.

Doctors advise not to ignore it as low libido could be an indicator of some other underlying health hazards.

Loss of libido may cause hindrance in the married life, and in some cases, it turns out to be the reason for the breakup.

What causes a sudden drop in the interest about sex? Well, there could be varied reasons. Here are some prominent ones.

Drop in testosterone levels

This magic hormone is produced in the testicles. It is mainly responsible for building masculine traits such as muscles, bone mass and healthy sperms. Higher testosterone means higher sex drive.

Due to various reasons, testosterone level drop below 300 nano grams in one deciliter in the blood.

Diagnosis and treatment differ from case to case. After finding out the fundamental reason, patients are advised to take supplements or gels to boost hormone levels.

Side-effect of medicines

Sometimes, medications hamper the production of testosterone in the body. Medicines prescribed to treat high blood-pressure prevent erections and ejaculations.

When patients complain lower sex drive, doctors look for alternate medicines that have lesser effects.

Anti-depressant medicines also cause sexual inability in men. Patients undergoing neurological disorders also feel a considerable drop in the sexual desire.

Psychological problems

Studies say that a large chunk of low libido cases is caused by psychological issues than physiological ones.

Depression is something that hampers every aspect of life, including sex life. Reduced interest in sex is quite common amongst people undergoing emotional imbalance.

Medicines prescribed to correct depression cause a further loss in the sex drive. Doctors switch to other medicines or adjust the dose if the problem becomes severe.

Work pressure

Yes, though sounds weird, work pressure and professional pressures can also cause a drop in the sexual desire.

Experts say that when people are busy in specific project work, or there is a tremendous pressure of completing the work before the deadline, it is a common phenomenon.

However, if the lower libido persists even after that, then it is something to be worried about.

Sleep disorders

Lower libido makes the life of people facing sleep disorders further difficult.  Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA is a disorder that triggers lower testosterone production.

Interestingly, research findings indicate that people having low testosterone levels complained about sleep apnea.  Similarly, people having sleep troubles showed a drastic drop in the testosterone levels.

It means these two problems are interrelated and the lower sex drive is the resultant problem.


With aging, there is a drop in every function of our body. Naturally, sex drive is also not an exception. As we grow old, our body produces less testosterone.

As a result, one gets a longer time to get aroused. The erection is also not very hard. Sometimes, premature ejaculation is also seen.

Medicines are available to treat the problem up to some extent.

Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and other drugs cause a severe impact on the testosterone production in our body. They impact the nervous system and cause fatigue. It makes arousal difficult. Though some drugs stimulate the production of testosterone initially and create a feeling of a dramatic increase in the libido, it results in a drop ultimately.

Low libido is curable if it gets diagnosed early. A detailed investigation is required to dig out the fundamental reason.

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