5 Tips to Sex Tease Your Girl

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How do you make your girl go wild with desire? It’s seems to be such a challenge at times. But it needn’t be so. You need to have a clear idea about what turns your woman on, and what doesn’t. It’s true that not every woman’s the same, and you cannot generalize. But some tease techniques work on most women.


You need to experiment to identify what works for your girl. But do respect her boundaries, and you’ll soon have your girl on the go. Start her off in a manner that she begs for it to finish! How to do it? Well, here are a few pointers for help.


Be gentle. Soft caresses work like magic on women. A spontaneous start usually turns on the heat the most. While you are watching a movie together or talking about something, let your hands play gently with her hair. Play with her fingers, and hold on to them if she tries to let go. Pull her close to you and let her head lie on your chest.


Stroke her body with soft supple hands. Avoid the erogenous zones though. Sometimes, not touching is the best form of creating contact. Let her imagine what you could with your hands, just don’t do it yet.


Be expressive. You can talk dirty to arouse her. Or, you can just use your eyes to create the right effect. While you are sitting together and talking, look deeply into her eyes. And then, drop your gaze to her lips. Keep talking but concentrate on her lips. She will be tantalized, and may try to kiss you, but may be keep it off for a little while.


Women, and men too, love to hear how their partner feels about their body. Tell her how lovely she looks in her pink dress. Tell her how the sight of her makes you think of how much in love you two are, and how much you enjoy her company.


Be imaginative. Playing hard to get is a time-tested way to ignite the sparks. You just need to master it. If your girl loves to tease you, why not try a little chase? Focus on the passion of the chase (you don’t want to frighten her). Take her in your arms when you close in on her, and be gentle with the caresses.


Another great idea is to follow her around. Whether she just sits there watching TV or she is busy doing her chores, be there with her all the time. Play with her fingers, run your fingers through her hair, and stay in close contact without any direct sexual advances.


Be creative. Aphrodisiacs such as chocolates are great for arousal. But they are even better if you can use them in an innovative manner. Why not invite her to taste a spoonful of dark melted chocolate? Don’t let her have it on her own, feed her instead. And once her lips and mouth are full, kiss her.


It will feel delicious, for you both. Smashed strawberries and champagne are also another good combo (remember, Pretty Woman?). Remember her tastes when you think up such ideas, and you are sure to be a hit.


Be seductive. Taking care of your body is one step many men tend to overlook. One word of advice – don’t do it. How will you feel if your woman smelt bad? Don’t worry; you don’t need a six-pack to impress your girl, but a good body always helps. Get rid of your shirt in front of her casually, and let her imagine how good it is.


Seduction doesn’t need be a woman’s game. You can be a master of it too. You just need to have a good idea about what arouses your woman. And once you have that knowledge, you can be the best sex tease for her.

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